It’s curtains for 7 stations of Jet Airways

Jet Airways, struggling to make ends meet, has withdrawn flights from 7 stations effective today. The move was planned in December and this change impacts the entire North East operations and the mini hub at Guwahati which the airline had set up last year.

The airline has pulled out of Jorhat, Aizawl, Silchar, Imphal, vizag, Madurai and Raipur. The airline had recently shut operations to Trichy.

While the North Eastern hub was a great idea to stimulate traffic and satisfy the route dispersal guidelines(RDG) at the same time, the capacity that the airline had on these routes was certainly more than adequate and on most days it was challenging to fill up the planes.

The frequent change in network puts a question mark on the airlines ability to plan and select routes which are sustainable. For years there is a murmur about the B77Ws – ten of which are in the fleet, being cash burners but the domestic side of business has not received the focus it demanded, even when competition was opening up new stations and starting new flights.

The once market leader Jet Airways, will declare its Q3 results on 14th February and the funding issue is likely to be sorted in next few weeks.

About 20 aircraft are not flying and on ground at various airports in the country, with two in Singapore which could be for re-delivery.

From now until end of Winter Schedule, there are closures at Mumbai and Bengaluru which will further impact the airlines schedule and by Summer – the airline will come up with a new optimized schedule. It needs to be seen on how the new schedule will be maintained.

With current spate of cancellations, the airline guests cannot experience what the airline has been marketing lately – its 7/7rating in “product”category from

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