Aviation has been close to my heart. I was introduced to planes by my father, who took me to see a plane take off and land at Aurangabad – then a small town in India having 2 departures a day, in an era when India had only one airline. Since then there has been no looking back. When my dream to be a fighter pilot couldn’t be completed as I was judged with power to my eyes during training in Air Force Academy, I took up Management and post my MBA joined Kingfisher Airlines as a network planner. I later worked with GoAir as part of its turnaround team, starting at a time when people joked that the airline had 6.5 planes, with half a plane always in hanger! The extra hours put in working with CXOs gave an in-depth understanding of the business.

Subsequently I moved out of active aviation, working as a product manager in larger gamut of Travel & Transportation where I helped built products which optimized schedules for cargo, parcel and express courier and public transport – all areas close to my heart.

Writing has been my hobby for long. In 2014, I decided to try my hand at blogging by registering a free website. The response to blog posts were encouraging and soon I came up with a name after some thought.

Network Thoughts – because my skills and writings preliminary revolved around airline networks. The website has been growing in readership over the years and will remain free for readers since it is not a commercial venture.

I will blog only when there is any value add and not a mere press release or information being passed on for readers – where the media does a far superior job in terms of quality and speed. There are certain markets, airplanes, airlines which I follow closely and make it a point to write about it as and when I find time!

While I always encourage people to start their own blog, if anyone is interested in writing a guest post and that adds value to the readers of Network Thoughts, you are always welcome to reach out!

Happy Reading and please keep the feedback coming !