These 13 points are helping ease congestion at Delhi Terminal 3

  • Additional Traffic Marshals have been posted at the departure forecourt to
    avoid vehicular congestion

  • Board displaying least waiting time along with the entry gate number has been put up at Naka point to guide passengers in advance
  • Display boards installed at all departure entry gates providing real time data regarding waiting time. The information on the same is being shared via social media

  • Awareness poster at the entry gate for passengers to be ready with Air ticket/ Boarding pass and Identity proof document. Dedicated staff has been deployed at the entry gate to help passengers
  • Two Additional entry gates have been opened for passenger entry

  • Deployment of additional manpower by CISF done

  • Deployment of additional X-ray machines for baggage check

  • Monitoring through CCTV & Command Centre
  • Use of Count Meter for Crowd Management

  • Airport operator advised to reduce flights during the peak hour at T3 or shift them to other two terminals

  • Airlines advised to deploy sufficient manpower at all check-in/baggage drop counters
  • Air travellers encouraged to use DigiYatra, a Biometric Enabled Seamless Travel experience based on Facial Recognition Technology

  • Airlines advised to have full compliance to Barcode on tickets issued to help easy flow of passengers at entry/security gates.

The information was shared by the government in Rajya Sabha – the upper house of Indian parliament.

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One thought on “These 13 points are helping ease congestion at Delhi Terminal 3

  1. Hello Mr. Joshi , I am Raju Thaker from Rajkot , a die hard fan of Airlines and Aviation World , reading your views on this field.

    Regarding recent chaos at New Delhi Airport , I would like to share with you that this is just a trailer ,
    ” picture to abhi baki he dost” like situation because as we know that though India is at number three position as far as Global Aviation market is concerned , merely 2% of our population travel by air as of now.

    Airlines are observing above 90% pax load , Domestic Aviation is witnessing double digit growth since almost a decade now , India is increasing more number of Airports , capacity expansion is going forward on a massive way by leading Indian carriers etc etc , so just imagine if this figure of 2% air travelers if it reaches to double digit , chaos of Delhi will soon be observed at major metros too.

    My comment is very simple and straight forward if its been taken into consideration by concerned authority and that is further strengthen open sky policies which was been declared two decades back but this time with more professionalism and less in politicized manner.

    When Indian Economy will be in thirty trillion figures few years from now as estimated by the Central
    Government , Civil Aviation will have a major role in this aspect.

    Best regards,

    Raju Thaker


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