Delhi Airport to consolidate operations at T3 starting midnight

Following the footsteps of Mumbai, the Indira Gandhi International Airport – New Delhi will consolidate all operations to Terminal 3 (T3) – the largest of it’s three terminals. This will see certain flights operated by GoAir and IndiGo make the move to T3. The move comes amidst rising cases of COVID-19 in the country leading to a huge drop in passengers. The move will be effective midnight later today with all flights departing and arriving post 2359 hours on May 17, 2021 operating out of T3.

Passenger numbers have plummeted and currently less than 70,000 daily passengers are flying. Airlines have also reduced operational flights and the count now stands around 800 daily flights – from over 3,000 not that long ago in February. First seven days of May saw 6,35,671 passengers fly which was woofully short of the 17,16,834 who flew during the same period in April!

Both, IndiGo and GoAir have been reaching out to passengers via multiple channels including social media to inform about the change.

While Delhi remains the top most airport in the country by both passengers and flights operated, it hasn’t opened Terminal 1 (T1) for operations since the country went into a lockdown in March 2020. T1 is undergoing renovations and capacity expansion – which includes a new pier and contact gates. All boarding gates in T1 were bus gates in the past.

Delhi Airport had started operations from T3 when domestic air service restarted in May 2020. Subsequently with increase in traffic – Terminal 2 (T2) was recommissioned on October 1, 2020. While IndiGo has part of its operations from T2, GoAir saw its entire operations being at T2.

Delhi Airport is in the middle of a major expansion drive – which would include a revamped T1 and converting T3 to all domestic operations when Terminal 4 is built by razing T2. The expansion plan also sees a fourth runway being operational and additional taxiways being built to reduce taxi times and use mixed mode runways efficiently.

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