Green energy takes off at Indian airports

In response to a question from Smt. Geeta Alias Chandraprabha , a member of Rajya Sabha – the upper house of Indian Parliament, the Indian government shared the details of airports which have installed solar panels.

The government also said that to encouraging green energy at the airports, the airport
operators including Airports Authority of India (AAI) have installed solar power plants under net metering / captive mode at various locations/Airports for generation and self-consumption of green and renewable energy. In addition, few airports are procuring green
energy through open access.

Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has taken initiatives for working towards Carbon neutrality and achieving net zero carbon emission at airports in the country and organized knowledge sharing sessions to standardise Carbon Accounting and Reporting framework of Indian Airports as well as to create awareness on Climate Change mitigation. Further, airport operators with scheduled operations have been advised to map the carbon emission at their respective airports and to work towards carbon neutrality & net zero emission
in a phased manner.

A total of 55 airports in the country have installed solar panels with a maximum number coming in from Maharashtra where eight airports have installed solar panels. With just over a 100 operational airports, this makes it over half of the airports in the country relying on solar panels for electricity needs.

With government focus on clean energy and airports using excess land to lay solar panels, this will be a source of clean energy going forward which will help with ESG efforts of the sector and a good talking point for the airport to raise funds.

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