Air India recorded loss of INR 7635 cr last year

National carrier Air India has clocked a loss of INR 7635 crore in FY2018-19. As of FY2018-19, the total debt of Air India as on 31st March 2019 is INR 58,351.93 crore. The airline has received an equity infusion of INR 30,520.21 crore till date from FY 2011-12 and this includes the money which has come in as part of the Turn Around Plan (TAP) and Financial Restructuring Plan (FRP).

Air India will be up for sale for the second time in as many years in a few months from now.

While the airline continues to lose money, it has stepped up expansion on domestic and international routes – primarily vacated by Jet Airways. The airline was allotted seats to Dubai, Hong Kong, Qatar, Singapore and UK. The allocation is valid till the end of Summer Schedule 2019.

The seat allocation is as below

India – Dubai: 5852 seats / week

India – Hong Kong: 1792 seats / week

India – Qatar: 5670 seats / week

India – Singapore: 1620 seats / week

India – UK: 4788 seats / week

The airline has started additional services to Dubai from Mumbai and Delhi, while schedule has been released for flights to Dubai from Indore and Kolkata. The airspace closure over Pakistan has led to the airline having to utilize its wide body aircraft further which has already led to a reduction in capacity to Singapore.

Air India has 128 aircraft in its operating fleet , comprising of 79 narrow body and 49 wide body aircraft. The Airbus A320 family has a utilization of 10.66 hrs per day while the Boeing fleet sees 11.14 hrs of utilization.

The airline started 13 new domestic routes and 6 new international routes in the last financial year, said a statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation (Independent Charge) in Rajya Sabha.


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