Additional aircraft parking stands being commissioned at Hyderabad and Delhi

New Delhi and Hyderabad airports – both operated by GMR led consortium will see an increase in the aircraft parking stands.

Hyderabad will see an increase of 9 stands (Stand No. 70 to 78) all of which are CODE C compatible. All the stands are remote stands and power-in and push-back type. This means that the aircraft reaches the spot on its own power and requires a tow bar and push-back vehicle for departure.

HYDERABAD AIRPORT :Img Src: Google Maps. The marked area indicated where the new bays are coming up

Delhi which recently commissioned 12 stands will commission a further 6. The existing 12 and the new 6 are all at Terminal 2 which is now occupied by Go Air, IndiGo and Spicejet for their domestic operations as Terminal 1D undergoes renovation and expansion.

New Delhi Airport: Img Src: Google Maps. Marked area indicates where the new bays are coming up

The six new aircraft stands are CODE C compatible but restricted upto 37.6m fuselage length which makes it in-compatible for B737-800 and above. The length of A320 is 37.57m.

The increase in bays will help add more traffic since both the airports have some capacity on the runway side or in the process of inducting additional runway capacity but saturated on the parking front.



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