DGCA declares City Pair traffic for August – Snippets of top routes in India

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India, in a surprise move has declared city pair wise traffic for the month of August 2015. The data is a dream comes true moment for analysts and probably unwanted attention for the airlines. The data lists out 302 unique pairs where airlines in India operate flights and lists out the segment wise data for each sector. This data will help the newer airlines understand the market dynamics better and the existing airlines which have monopoly or duopoly routes could find some competition for them in near future.

While a lot of analysis can be done about this data, some snippets for August as below:

Top 10 Sectors in India by passengers flown in August’15


 Which airlines operate on the top 15 routes in India?


Top 10 routes from each metro 


We also know why Delhi has gained so much in the last few years,

  1. 8 out of top 15 routes are from/to Delhi
  2. 7 out of top 15 are from/to Mumbai
  3. 3 out of top 15 are from/to Bengaluru

As this data came out I was curious about some specific sectors for varied reasons and those have been listed below.

  • Kolkata – Durgapur which sees operations only from Air India on ATR42 saw just 221 passengers patronise the service in the month of august, less than 10 passengers per flight each way
  • Cuddapah which was made operational by Air Pegasus with 3x weekly flights from Bengaluru saw less than 50% occupancy.
  • Over 100 passengers travelled each way between Mumbai & Pune, one of the shortest flights in India
  • An average of 759 passengers between Guwahati – Imphal – Guwahati, a route which Air Asia India was selling as a standalone sector till recently

It will be interesting to see this data month on month. There are some sectors where there is traffic one way and no passengers other way. These are sectors where mostly a single airline operates a triangular service. A good example is of Nagpur – Raipur where 217 passengers travelled in August, but there were 0 passengers on Raipur – Nagpur. This is so because Air India is the only carrier which operates Nagpur – Raipur flights as part of its Delhi – Nagpur – Raipur – Delhi operations and no airline operates the Raipur – Nagpur sector.

This data over a period of time will be a boon for the airline to understand seasonality better and plan accordingly.

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