Founders Plaza at Dallas Fort Worth – Every aviation enthusiasts dream

On one of the few whatsapp groups that I am on, somebody posted about a visit to the Founders plaza observation area in Dallas, which was my next destination in the 2.5 week long trip to Mexico & USA. This group is all about Aviation, Rail, Bus and sometimes F1 with people from across the world being part of it! There are occasional meetings when people cross paths and  a lot of discussion & knowledge sharing on the topics we all love. This visit would not have been possible without Sidharth Bhandary, a prominent spotter from Bengaluru who recently shifted to Dallas, who not only posted the pic on the group to make me aware about this place, but also came to pick me up from the nearest Metro station and dropped me back, driving down the last mile to DFW Founders Plaza Observation area. It’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow avgeek.

Founders Plaza is every aviation enthusiasts dream. Located at the northern side of the airport, The founders plaza at DFW overlooks runway 18 L & 18 R and also gives a great view of the UPS apron.

I was lucky on the day of visit, since runway 18L & R were operational for landing, giving great views of some great aircraft. They relay the live ATC communication for aircraft using these runways, and this place is open from 0700 to 1900 hours. Drinking water, washroom, picnic tables, covered areas, binoculars – definitely make it the best place to spot.

As we decided to make our way back, we discussed how, many a times, its always the last aircraft which makes your day and we exchanged notes on past experiences at different locations. Just as we finished this, B767 appeared out of nowhere, it was the only aircraft which we had missed in the over 1.5 hours session that day where in we saw B777, B757, A320, B737, MD83, ERJ, MD-11F, B744F.

The pictures below would let you know much more than what I could describe here!


About DFW

– Largest hub for American Airlines

– 7 runways

– Second largest airport in USA in terms of area

– Third busiest airport in the world in terms of aircraft movements

– Ninth busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger movements

– 5 terminals

Co-ordinates for Founders plaza to search on the map: 32.918825, -97.059230


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