Emirates to reinstate all flights to India starting tomorrow

Emirates – the Dubai based carrier, will become one of the first airlines to re-introduce per-pandemic flight frequencies to its destinations in India from April 01, 2022. The airline will be operating 170 weekly flights to nine cities in India. This comes on the back of Indian government opening up scheduled international services starting Northern Summer schedule 2022, which began on March 27, 2022.

Emirates will be operating the following flights

  • Mumbai- 35 weekly flights
  • New Delhi- 28 weekly flights
  • Bengaluru – 24 weekly flights
  • Chennai- 21 weekly flights
  • Hyderabad- 21 weekly flights
  • Kochi- 14 weekly flights
  • Kolkata – 11 weekly flights
  • Ahmedabad- 9 weekly flights
  • Thiruvananthapuram- 7 weekly flights

The airline has already deployed the Airbus A380 on a daily basis between Dubai and Mumbai route operating as EK500/501 which arrives in Mumbai at 0230 hours and departs at 0430 hours.

Emirates has the maximum seats out of India as a foreign carrier. IndiGo – India’s largest carrier by domestic market share and fleet, will operate 505 weekly flights progressively and will have the maximum departures, though Air India is likely to have maximum capacity by ASKs (Available Seat Kilometres).

India is a huge market for Emirates and one can get a sense of how important it is from the fact that the airline celebrated Holi on-board for select destinations, giving out treats on-board. Flights to and from Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai received a specially packed sweet – Gujjiya. Passengers in First and Business class on March 18 were served cold thandai

The airline has partnered with ICICI for a co-branded credit card in India.

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